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Will watching VR Porn Videos change the way we have sex?

Since the beginning of time, engaging in and enjoying sex is something humans have done. The literal sex act itself has not changed much, except on several fronts. This includes sex toys, items that allow new positions and technological advanced electronic gadgets. One of them is virtual reality headsets. People are now finding new and better ways to carry out their sexual fantasies with them. As it stands now, there are companies which are working to make a person’s fantasy come to fruition. All accomplished using virtual reality technology.

This brings up the question of whether or not virtual reality will change how humans have sex. Will VR porn videos become part of the equation somehow? The truth is that in a virtual reality world, almost anything can be accomplished. What adult companies and others are trying to do, is make those things happen in a more literal sense. Already how people masturbate, or view pornography has changed dramatically. VR headgear are part of why this is so. When a person puts on a pair of VR goggles, they are immediately taken wherever what they are watching takes them. For those who watch VR porn videos, that place is as close to the action as possible.

Unlike looking at porn the old-fashioned way, VR porn lets people feel much closer to what’s happening in front of their eyes. In many of the VR porn films, the performers place their body parts right in front of your face. Or at least it feels that way through the VR prism. Being able to see sexually explicit images closer is not the only thing which comes from VR porn. The more important factor is the point of view and degrees which the movies are recorded. For instance, many of the virtual reality porno movies are shot using the male 180 POV perspective.

Adult companies such as BadoinkVR and Naughty America VR have a large selection of such VR pornography. These come in various formats such as 4K Ultra, HD and 3D. This results in the viewer feeling as if they are the ones in the movie performing. When the performer grabs on to a penis in the VR porn film, the viewer sees a pre-imposed penis in front of them. That is supposed to represent the person looking at the smut. The result is an appearance and sensation of being inside the sex movie. Moreover, feeling in your mind and sensing visually as if the actress is actually sucking, licking or riding you.

In addition to this, there’s the ability of VR porn which permits users to interact with the content. A person can decide what the pornstar does next. You also have the multiple scene angles from which VR porn videos can be viewed. This allows a person who is into voyeurism to enjoy his or her fantasies to the fullest. Lastly, there’s the virtual reality worlds created within VR porn apps, games and other VR rooms. Any person can make the perfect character. Using the VR avatar, they can meet others just like them from places all over the world.

It is the ability of being able to use avatars or make believe characters in a VR universes which adds endless possibilities to how people have sex. And how they can make their sexual fantasies come true. Using computer animated characters lets people have sex with celebrities. At least characters that look very close to the celebrity of their choice. A person can use pictures of real people they know to create a virtual reality character. The hot school teacher, your friend’s sexy girlfriend or best friend’s MILF mom for example. Any of them can become your sex pets or sexual partners in a virtual world.

When you think about it, that is one of the most important reasons people watch pornography in the first place. It is where they can find adult related content pertaining to whatever sex act or fetish they crave. Case in point are the millions of porn videos containing MILFs or mature women. The same for those that depict naughty babysitters, lesbians or a luscious ebony girl. Regardless of the content, you can find it on adult sites. For those who cannot physically carry out these sexual fantasies, related porno material is the next best thing. VR porn videos take this a more exciting, captivating and immersive level.

Based on the fact that VR technology is still evolving, it is clear that it will be part of the future. What that will mean for how humans have sex is another story. But with all the benefits which already come from VR porn, the future of sex through the VR prism looks very promising.