VR Side Effects

How virtual reality affects the brain

Virtual reality has been in the news for some time now. The technology is here to stay and not a fad anyway. The debate whether VR has an effect on our brains is a heated one too. The link between how our brain reacts to virtual reality episodes is still ill-understood. Researchers are busy finding the connection between the two but there is still a lot to prove.

So, what do we know so far?


After testing a VR game demo, a developer showed signs of vertigo, which lasted for more than 10 days. Some people have also reported signs of dizziness and inability to gauge the distance after trying out a VR headset for an extended period of time.

Jarring Moments

On a Sony Playstation Facebook group, a user reported brief jarring moments involving weird sensory flashes. And asked if anyone else experienced the same? Responses came pouring in from all directions later. Many users reported that they experienced this strange feeling as if nothing is real and that they could just take the headset offand end it. Some people talked about mild headaches too.

Some users after using the virtual reality headsets complained about a strange, more profound darkness when they close their eyes.

Usually, all the effects of virtual reality are experienced by new users that often fade out over time.

Should We Be Worried?

Not really! There is no proof of developing a mental condition after using virtual reality. So, just keep calm, and keep using your shiny, new VR headsets. It may seem like we are in the early days of virtual reality and that there is a lot to be established. Virtual flight simulators are used to train pilots all around the world. The fact is, simulations have been in use for decades.

According to research, disassociation can normally be linked with virtual reality and this disassociation has nothing to do with any kind of pathological disorder. Usually, the effects of virtual reality last for a maximum of few hours

However, It is still advisable to hold off using a virtual reality headset for people with mental illness or disassociation issues. For everyone else, keep the headset around your head and enjoy – just avoid heavy physical work after long virtual reality hours.

Have you ever experienced anything strange after using your VR headsets? Let us know in the comments below!


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